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Teaching Assistant

Sebastian-Aurelian Stefaniga is Teaching Assistant at Computer Science Department of West University of Timisoara and 3rd year Ph. D. Student at West University of Timisoara, Romania. The Ph.D. research will conduct to several contribution in the field of biomedical image analysis and processing under the supervision of Prof. Dana Petcu. In 2017 he has completed a research stage at Autonomous Unviersity of Barcelona, Spain, at Computer Vision Research Center under the supervision of Prof. Debora Gil.

Sebastian is affiliate member of Romanian Society of Medical Informatics, Romanian Association for Artificial Intelligence and and CEO of Software Essential Bussines. His interest in high performance computing, parallel computing, deep learning and statistics is reflected in research papers about medical image processing and autonomous driving. He is involved in projects funded by European Commission and other research funding agencies, as member, approaching High Performance Computing topic.